The mission of VWAA is to assist women attorneys in developing their professional practice and achieving their potential, to bring about changes in the law, and to affect public policy for the benefit of the women of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Legislative Positions

  1. VWAA supports legislation that promotes the interests of women in the workplace through
    • Prevention of gender discrimination in the workplace;
    • Prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace.
  2. VWAA supports prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault through
    • Increasing remedies available in protective orders for victims of family abuse and increasing criminal penalties for family abuse;
    • Protection of victims of human trafficking and increasing penalties for human trafficking.
  3. VWAA supports public access to legal services through
    • Funding for legal aid services;
    • Increasing compensation for counsel for indigent criminal defendants
    • Increasing compensation for guardians¬†ad litem;
    • Promoting a funded judiciary and administration, including full funding for judges and clerks.
  4. VWAA supports legislation to ensure the availability of screening tests and medical treatment for conditions that have a disparate impact on women, including but not limited to mammograms, PAP tests, and bone density scans.